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1. Build your own bookshelves

With the unlimited access to the internet, there is no shortage of DIY bookshelves ideas. DIY bookshelves are fast, easy, and great DIY projects for beginners. All of them start out with a basic design, the materials you use on each bookshelf will be what will sets it apart from others and makes it match your home décor.

2. Picture ledges

DIY picture ledges have always been a fantastic idea for display everything we want. It’s a great idea for filling in blank walls, for décor with cute photos and you can also add a couple of small souvenirs if the ledges are wide enough. Picture ledges help you to create kind of a collage on the wall, and it will definitely lighten up your wall. This is a great idea for a corridor with blank walls or but it will also work for a home office, living room, bedroom and many other rooms.

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