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G-SHOCK has asked De Woodpanel Manufacturing to provide G-Stand for their customers as a free present for the Merdeka promotion in honor of this year’s Merdeka, which falls on August 31. The dimensions of the G-Stand, which are 63 mm x 53 mm x 114 mmH, were cut using a CNC router from the MDF board. The next step is spray painting the products after the design has been cut out. To ensure there is no dust and the finishing of the goods is flawless, they must perform it with extreme skill. Once the spray paint has dried completely and the goods’ finishing has passed a quality inspection, the G-SHOCK phrases are UV printed on them.

Each item will undergo quality control testing after the G-Stand finish has been produced before being sent to the buyer. This procedure is carried out to ensure that the customer won’t have any complaints about the products received.

With the purchase of certain G-Shock models, you will receive a free G-Stand. G-Stand redemption is only available while supplies last and is only available to CASIO ID members. G-Stand can only be redeemed with the purchase of one of the following watches: GA-B2100 Series, GA-2100 Series, DW-5600 Series, GM Series, or GM-S Series.

The G-Stand giveaway promotion is available from August 26 to September 4, 2022. G-Stand redemption is limited to one item per watch. The free G-Stand will be delivered in a separate package from Malaysia.

You can get yours by following this link:https://gshock.casio.com/my/g-news/events/2022/65th-merdeka-special/

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