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It is important to know that there’s hardly an undo button for a DIY project (no control-Z especially for wood!)

Ask ourselves the questions below before doing a DIY:

  • Can you really handle this DIY project? Do you have enough confidence to start?
  • Do you have enough understanding and knowledge about it to proceed?
  • Is there anyone available (in case) you need assistance?
  • How much time are you willing to devote to the DIY project?
  • Can you assure everyone’s safety and health (especially for a big DIY project) once your DIY project is finished?

If you have answers to all the questions above, let’s do it!

Useful tips to consider before we start:

1. Information (as much as possible)

Gather all the necessary information that you need for the DIY project that you’re going to start with! Research, reading, clips (youtube) and still reading. Feel free to ask around and see if some people you know have done it before, and get some practical tips straight from those who have been there, done that.

2. Action Plan/List of To do

Have a list. Making a list is a bonus, it can help a lot to ensure you have clear mind on the items listed in the list. Create a list for your materials, prices, quality, stock availability, your DIY crew (if it requires help other than you), their skills and expertise, and other necessary “lists.” 😉

More importantly, create a list of all the useful reminders and cautions (if any) that you have gathered (from the first step) so as not to forget them, and use them when called for during the DIY process.

3. Spare 1 EXTRA rule

One very useful tip that usually we got to know from friends around,  it might be best to have an extra piece of the important or major materials you need.  For instance, based on your measurement, you will need eight plywood to make a DIY double walling for your bedroom. Make that nine pieces of wood instead (yes, just do it)  This ensures that you have something extra to work on when you find your supply short.  This saves you effort, time, petrol and money buying the same thing again, and for just an extra piece. The best thing about the spare 1 Extra rule is it saves you from a great deal of stress and guarantees you uninterrupted DIY work.

What if you actually didn’t get to use those extra pieces of some things?  It should not be a problem since you can always sell or give to friends who might need them, or better yet keep them for emergency, which always comes up.  You will reap the same benefits as when you have it as stockpile when you’re doing your DIY project.  Another great use?  You can create some nifty stuff out of them, meaning get a new DIY idea in the works inspired by your DIY “leftovers.”


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