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On August 17th, 2022, the [Business Sea] Brand Event for Celebrities have been launched ✨🎊 . Datuk Lim Mee Ling, the helm of OGAWA, has been invited to the event as the keynote speaker, sharing how she led the OGAWA brand to combine technology and break through the traditional model, successfully building a well-known brand that no one knows about!

As a well-known high-end innovative health brand, OGAWA has channels in Asia, North America, and Europe. It has more than 800 specialty stores/counters worldwide, and currently, there are more than 700 stores worldwide. Datuk Lim Mee Ling, the leader of the navigator, has made great contributions. The key points shared on the spot can directly hit the market pain points and brand trends, and won warm applause from the scene 🤩

To help promote the corporate brand effect and create a more influential corporate market reputation, celebrities are invited to the brand-sharing activities to gather business knowledge sharing of elite leaders from all walks of life, help companies absorb diverse business methods, and build a bridge for cross-industry cooperation. And create sustainable value for the enterprise, and develop domestic and international markets.

De Woodpanel Manufacturing was one of the companies invited to the event for the sharing of business knowledge. Mr. Ling our representative was impressed and shared with other staff the knowledge he gained during the sharing event. With the opportunities given, we hope our team will practice the knowledge gained and maximize it to the fullest by giving their best in their work.



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